Solar Filters


Congratulations! You have just purchased a high quality custom-fitted solar filter for your awesome new TwinStar telescope! You’re almost ready to start viewing solar eclipses, solar flares, sun spots, aculae, and more. You’ll be up and running quickly as our solar filters feature an incredibly simple mounting solution. So let’s get started . . .

  • Necessary Parts for Assembly

    • 1x Telescope Tube
    • 1x Solar Filter
  • Step 1
    The first step is to fully loosen all three set screws along the perimeter of the solar filter. Be careful not to touch the solar filter’s film while you do this. With the screws fully loosened, simply slide the filter over the end of the telescope as shown in Figure 1, and

    Figure 1 – Attaching Solar Filter to Telescope and securing with included screws.
  • Step 2
    All that’s left to do is tighten the three screws equally to secure it in place. To avoid damage to the screws and telescope, do not over-tighten. Minimal pressure is required to keep the filter in place. That’s it! You’re all set!

    Figure 2 – Telescope and Solar Filter fully assembled.