Many of our telescopes are available with Variscope or Twinstar Telescope Cameras that attach to a USB port on your computer. The software that is bundled with these cameras allows you to watch a live feed of the camera on your computer, as well as capture high definition photos and videos.

Below are links to download the software for the cameras. Only the first driver download is required for the Windows version of the software. The Mac OSX and Linux versions include all necessary drivers. A Variscope or Twinstar Camera is required to use the software.

Name Size Last Updated
Windows Software Download 31.3 MB 07/06/2016
Windows Driver Download 1.6 MB 07/06/2016
Windows DShow Driver Download (optional for advanced users) 1.6 MB 07/06/2016
Mac OSX Software Download 14.4 MB 07/06/2016
Linux Software Download 21.7 MB 07/06/2016