60mm Compact Refractor Telescope


Congratulations! You have bought a wonderful telescope. This is a precision optical instrument, and you have many wonderful evenings of observing the night sky ahead of you. This on-line guide is to help you assemble your telescope properly.

Of course, the telescope comes with an assembly guide, and we were able to assemble our telescope less than 20 minutes using that guide. However, we know that many people are visually oriented and that pictures of the assembly process would be helpful. Since your telescope assembly guide and instruction manual does not have a lot of pictures, we have put together this online guide to help you assemble your telescope for your first night of observing. You can watch the video above and follow along with our picture filled guide below. Once your telescope is assembled and ready to go, the rest is up to you. Learning astronomy is all the fun anyhow! So let’s get started . . .

  • Necessary Parts for Assembly

    • 1x Telescope Tube
    • 1x Telescope Tripod
    • 1x Angle Prism
    • 2x Eyepieces
    • 1x Finder Scope

  • Step 1
    Remove the tripod from the box, and extend the legs as shown in Figure 1 below.

    Figure 1 – Extending the tripod legs.
  • Step 2
    Unscrew the handle to loosen the up-down motion of the tripod. Set the tripod level and screw the handle in to tighten as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 – Levelling the tripod.
  • Step 3
    Use the hand screw beneath the tripod’s mounting point to screw the telescope in to place. The viewing end of the tripod should be facing away from the handle.

    Figure 3 – Mounting the telescope.
  • Step 4
    Insert the angle prism into the back of the tripod as shown in Figure 4. Tighten the thumb screw to secure the prism.

    Figure 4 – Inserting the angle prism
  • Step 5
    Slide either eyepiece into the angle prism and tighten the thumb screw to secure the eyepiece.

    Figure 5 – Inserting the eyepiece
  • Step 6
    Unscrew the two plastic nuts on the side of the telescope. This will allow you to attach the finder scope to the screws.

    Figure 6 – Remove the nuts
  • Step 7
    Place the finder scope on the exposed screws so that the larger end of the finder scope is pointing in the same direction as the telescope. Once it is in position, tighten the nuts back onto the screws as shown in Figure 7.

    Figure 7 – Securing the finder scope
  • Step 8
    Congratulations! You have completed the assembly of your telescope. We hope you enjoy brand new telescope! Continue on to steps 9 and 10 to learn how to use the optional Barlow lenses to improve your magnification.

    Figure 8 — Finished Telescope
  • Step 9
    A Barlow lens is an additional part that allows you to multiply your magnification. To use a Barlow lens, first remove the angle prism from the telescope. The Barlow lens inserts into the telescope and tightens with the thumbscrew.

    Figure 9 – Inserting the Barlow lens.
  • Step 10
    Insert either eyepiece into the other end of the Barlow lens and tighten it using the thumbscrew. You are now ready to use your telescope with the added magnification!

    Figure 10 – Inserting the eyepiece.